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Mentoring Program
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Mentoring Program


The Mentoring Program was established to build and nurture strong relationships between key leaders in today’s world and emerging talent in the workforce of tomorrow.

By providing guidance, friendship, and a role model, our mentors will help their protégés in career development, personal achievement and a successful work-life balance.


Benefits to the Mentee  - Register Here

       Learn from a seasoned professional

       Acquire new knowledge and perceptions

       Acquire insight on company cultures, dynamics, politics and etiquette

       Make new contacts and grow a network

       Gain greater career clarity

       Gain self confidence

       Opportunity to gain insight for further development via partnering with Career Services

Benefits to the Mentor

       Opportunity to share expertise and relive professional experiences.

       Demonstrate ability to develop new and current talent

       Acquire a fresh perspective on professional issues and work/life balance (get out of your rut!)

       Perform a valuable community service

       Playing a valuable role of supporting individuals In-Transition

       Pay it forward!

Become a NAWMBA Mentor - Register Here 

Time Requirements

       One academic year commitment - 8 month compromise. 4 meetings on fall 2017 and 4 meetings in spring 2018

       We recommend that sessions should occur once a month

       Suggested sessions to run about 1-1/2 hours each

       Pre-arranged meeting times and locations determined by matched pair

       Method of meeting is up to mentor and mentee. Suggested sessions held on campus, at mentor’s place of business or in public location such a coffee shops or restaurants.

The first meeting should always be in person!


Mentor & Mentee Commitment

       Value each other’s time

       Respect the each other’s experience and knowledge

       Stay in touch

       Keep scheduled appointments

       Be on time and be prepared

       Require mentee participate with Career Services Workshops in focus areas such as Current Career Enhancement, Job Transition Support and Networking

       Be fully engaged


Suggested First Meeting

       First meeting at the mentor’s place of work – sets the tone

       Identify and agree on goals, venue, time, frequency, rules of engagement, etc.

       Tour the mentor’s workplace

       Review resumes of both Mentee and Mentor

       Define the logistics of the relationship

       Review topics and issues that are within scope of the relationship

       Discuss how to deal with confidential information

       Establish how obstacles/problems are to be handled

       Schedule a date and time for the second meeting


Suggested Activities Over the 6 Months

       Discuss career goals, paths, challenges and possibilities

       Review Curriculum Options

       Discuss current business issues

       Talk about various industries and roles

       Attend a business meeting with mentor

       Discuss a typical day-in-the-life

       Attend professional association meeting

       Provide feedback on student’s course work

       Practice interviewing skills


Please take a look on this very specific article from Denise Hamilton about what to do and not do while having a mentor:

"No, I don't want to mentor you. Let me tell you why."

If you would like to sign up to be a mentor, please fill out and submit this form:


Mentor Sign up                      Mentee Application


Please contact Lorena Galindez at if you have any questions about the program!