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The National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing women into leadership.

We do this by:
• Partnering with universities and corporations which elevate women in business
• Providing professional and leadership development opportunities
• Offering a strong national network for our members

In order to accomplish our mission, NAWMBA focuses our programs in four key areas: 

  • Education and Professional Development
    NAWMBA works to educate students on the career opportunities available and the skills that are necessary to succeed by supporting chapter programs as well as events at the national and international level, including an annual leadership conference.  The organization also encourages women to attend and successfully complete graduate business school programs by supporting the formation of school-hosted chapters.  NAWMBA encourages the continued education and professional development of women in business by supporting the development of professional chapters and the professional development to strengthen the leadership skills of our members.
  • Mentorship
    NAWMBA encourages mentoring relationships between members. With our program we connect mentors and mentees from our professional and student membership.
  • Networking
    NAWMBA provides networking opportunities for students and professionals with schools, organizations and companies that are committed to the development of women's roles in business.
  • Collaboration
    NAWMBA facilitates increased communication and collaboration among graduate business school programs, employers and peer organizations regarding their initiatives to educate and encourage women in business.

The organization's continued viability is made possible through the generous contributions of corporations that actively engage in the support and hiring of women MBAs. Our sincere thanks goes to all of our partners and sponsors for recognizing the potential of each of our members and for supporting the overall objective of the National Association of Women MBAs.

Code of Ethical Principles and Standards

Members of the National Association of Women MBAs are committed to providing value to our colleagues and adhere to a stringent CODE OF ETHICS – truthful, good for the order, building goodwill and high reliability in all our business transactions. 

There can be no half measure of integrity in our obligations with our peers. We are honest in all transactions: in time, conversation, and expenditures. We treat all member information with respect and the highest level of confidentiality. 

We uphold the finest traditions of professionalism and education with sound business principles to assist our colleagues in achieving the most successful career performance and leadership skills. 

We work to advance our knowledge and abilities and willingly share with other members the lessons of our experience. 

We support the members of the National Association of Women MBAs in their professional endeavors and encouragement of business reciprocity. 

We do not permit ourselves to be compromised by conflicts of interest with our positions and our membership, nor attempt to benefit financially from our positions in leadership. 

We refrain from knowingly initiating and engaging in correspondence or discussion with corporate partners and universities without prior knowledge and agreement of our colleagues at chapter, regional and national levels as a sign of respect and good business integrity. 

We refer our colleagues to prospective jobs or opportunities that come to our attention. 

We undertake membership and committee volunteerism only if qualified and have the time to make the commitment and if our time to contribute changes we notify our team members.




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